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Space is scarce, expensive & often unattractive

The needs and means of housing and accommodation of people have always been subject to change in the course of time. Vibrant expanding cities with their 24-hour economy attract more and more residents and workers, which fuel present-day housing and accommodation issues. Space is scarce and expensive, and one of the results is unaffordable housing for lower and middle incomes, affecting society and the market as a whole.

Environmental ISSUES

A new perspective on production & construction is necessary

It has become clear that, after more than a century of traditional construction with mainly steel, glass, brick and concrete, there is a need to look for a sustainable and progressive production process and a sustainable use of natural resources. Despite adaptations and innovations in the traditional process, production and construction still leads to severe amounts of waste, (air)pollution, inefficient use of resources, and an increasing demand for energy and water.

LMS Building Solution


With our LMS building solution we provide a circular, complete and innovative construction concept that responds efficiently to the scarce availability of space and resources. At the same time, it is a response to the growing demand for affordable, high quality and comfortable housing based on future oriented urban development. In this way we contribute to the transformation of the traditional way of housing, production and construction. While preserving the environment, we develop sustainable and circular buildings in which people can obtain an affordable housing in a comfortable living or working space.

Design & Quality

Made in Germany & TÜV Controlled

Whether we build a luxurious 5 star hotel or a social housing apartment complex, each project gets our large and equal emphasis on quality and aesthetics. Through high-end architecture and smart, innovative design we create a pleasant environment. We are convinced that such an environment is state of the art and comfortable to live in, work and recreate in and contributes to the improvement of people’s lives.

In our controlled production environment in Rammingen (Bayern) we work with a high skilled staff and the best natural resources. This enables us to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of offsite production and onsite construction. Made in Germany, TÜV Controlled!

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